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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Polyvore - I "heart" you

I think I'm getting the hang of this "polyvore" thing.

I must admit, looking back on my first attempts I find them pretty dismal...but after a creating a few test sets - I'm feeling a bit brazen!!

The lovely top below (purchased from, link here) will be arriving on my door step in a matter of days - therefore I decided to use my new found Polyvore skills to style it 3 ways (using items I actually have in my wardrobe - otherwise I'm sure the outfits would look way cooler).

(DISCLAIMER: I really have no fashion claim to fame, therefore wearing the outfits below may make me, and possibly you, look stupid.  NOTE: If you click on the pretty pictures - you can see the individual items from the set.)

The Shirt

Styled for Work
One shirt three ways (#1)
One shirt three ways (#1) by calinas3Bs featuring Mulberry bags

Note: I wish I had that lovely tote, but I actually couldn't find a pic for the version I do have - although I did manage to find it on ebay here

Styled for the Weekend (or a Work Day w/no Meetings - yay!)

Styled for Brunch


  1. i just bought a pair or tori burch revas...and i like the ones you posted here! but they don't have it at the store i went too :(- maria

  2. I saw the photo of your revas (silver right?) and it inspired me :)
    I found a 20%+10% off promo code for - and couldn't pass up the wedges. I love getting things at a discount!

  3. me too :) DISCOUNT = GOOD