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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pillow Mania

I thought I'd do a non-food post for a change (although I'm dyyyyiiiing to post pics of the creme brulee Ed made last night...sigh...he's the reason I have to exercise so much).

Anyhoo - I've been in hate with my couch pillows lately.

When I first purchased them, less than a year ago, they were a deep rich brown w/bright silk accents.  The pillows managed to both pull our room together (sometimes even I wonder why we have a dark brown area rug, gray couch, and camel colored chair) and brighten it a bit.  I loved them.

Now, thanks to the sun and our floor to ceiling windows, they're the color of poop.  Yeah - you heard me - POOP. 

Exhibit A: the hated pillows

Yesterday I began the great search for a couple new, bright, modern, and Springy pillows. 

The first site that pulled me in was (sigh, I "heart" you expensive shiny things).  I was THIS close to pulling the trigger on these Thomas Paul Seed pillow - but @ $100.00 each for 2 meant I would have had to forgo these lovely tan wedges I've been lusting over (dilema).

Thankfully - today I found the perfect pillow on, and after a quick convo w/the owner of ModDiva, she put up a custom post w/two pillows just for me!  At $40 (including shipping) for two pillows...I sure got a great deal!

I also ordered a couple ivory linen pillows (from to add a little Spring flavor!

And - thanks to all my $$ savings, I was able to get the shoes (Tory Burch "Sally 2" found here)...yipee!!!! 


  1. where is my comment from before? ahhh! i keep not posting them. it was funny, too...

  2. those are the Tory Burch WEDGES I WANT!!!! - maria