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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fresh Coconut Cake and Mussels w/Creme Fraiche, Jalapenos (...)

I made a very favorable deal w/Ed on Sunday, this being:  if he made the "Fresh Coconut Cake" recipe from the April edition of Cooking Light (drool) - I would make our Sunday dinner (?)!

Without a second thought he jumped right on it (truthfully...I probably mumbled the cake part and shouted the "I'll make dinner" part - so that's about all he heard).

I generally don't have the attention span for cake baking, but since Ed loves complex ingrediants, using kitchen gadgets, and basically fiddling around in the kitchen - I knew he was up for the challange. 

This cake takes a LOT of egg whites, patience, and bowls - but the end product is totally worth it. 

The frosting reminds me of marshmallows, the fresh toasted coconut is WAY better than that bagged crap, and knowing that each slice is only 332 calories and 10.8 g of fat makes you feel a little less guilty when you inhale a third, (umm) I mean second, piece.

So check out the recipe here

Oh - and I did manage to come up with something wonderful yet easy to make for Sunday dinner.  Mussels w/creme fraiche, jalapenos, and cilantro w/garlic toast on the side.  Recipe here

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  1. The kids read this post with me. They both said "oooh" at the cake photo, and "eeeewwww" at the mussles.
    (Lucy also pointed at your picture and told me you were at the beach.)