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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Accessories (Sigh)

I've always find accessories to be a bit perplexing - but I definitely try my hardest to add a little something to my outfits.

Lately it's been my new chunky/paste grandma bracelet and old Timex military watch (thanks for the idea J.Crew styling folks...wouldn't have thought it up myself).

It makes me feel tough and girly at the same time - like I could spend a day slogging  through the damp NW forests, and then pull a dress/heels out of my backpack and hit up a cocktail party.  Sweet.

J. Crew Crystal Milano Bracelet (I have this one, find it here)

My Tough Timex Military Watch (here)

Click on the pic below for more masculine watches and estate-esque bracelets

1 comment:

  1. you can make those bracelets! and i bet you can make those watches, too...well, someone must make watches, maybe you can get a kit online or something...