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Monday, May 24, 2010

FOOD & changing identities

It's nice to have a couple home cooked meals to blog about again.

For a week or so the hubby and I were pretty lazy, and mainly foraging/eating out/ordering in, but lately we've been on a cooking tear - yay FOOD blogs!

Anyhoo - I whipped up the dish below, Spaghetti w/Sausage and Simple Tomato Sauce, for a weekday dinner last week.  The recipe was a tiny bit more involved than I thought it would be, since you have to broil the turkey sausage, and I may have blended the whole tomatos a little bit too much - but once I combined all the ingrediants the dish looked and tasted great.  Dress it up with a little basil (I didn't since we only had oregano in the house) - and it could be a very good looking weekend dinner to serve to friends.

On a completely separate note, my mother has (continuously) pointed out that I haven't been blogging much about crafts lately - and I can't say my blogs are merely the "ravings of a serial crafter." 

Therefore, my blogs are now the "ravings of a serial crafter & stereotypical seattleite" b/c that is exactly what I am. 

Want proof?  Check out these Pemco profiles:

Belltown Regional Fare Uber-Foodie

Relentless Recyler (isn't everyone in Seattle?)

and just for fun, this is my friend Mo: Confused East Coast Transplant

Top 10 reasons you know you're from Seattle...


  1. That dish looks so good! It seriously just made my stomach growl. :)

  2. Thanks! It was super easy to make.