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Monday, May 10, 2010

Roasted Corn and Radish Salad w/Avacado Herb Dressing

This is a pretty involved recipe for a salad - since the dressing has quite a few ingrediants and you have to take time to roast the corn - but the end product makes all the work totally worth it!

The corn adds a wonderful sweetness to the greens, and the avacado dressing tastes complex, creamy, and fresh.  A great warm weather salad. 

Check out the recipe here

As an aside - I bought the cookbook stand below for the hubby a couple months ago- and its worked out perfectly.  The stand will hold books, magazines, or print outs up at a very read-able angle, and there's a splash guard to protect the paper.  If you want one for yourself (its from Crate and Barrel) it here

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  1. Sounds and looks yummy
    When I move out there I have to pay a little visit so you can share all your wonderful recipes! maria