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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Whenever my mom visits, she always gets a kick out of all the Philosophy products scattered throughout my bathroom - primarily because the packaging provides intellectually stimulating reading material.

Case in point - their retinol cream is called "help me" and the package reads: "philosophy: help me help myself, so that i may help others."  Their moisturizer - "hope in a jar" - reads: "philosophy: where there is hope there can be faith, where there is faith miracles can occur."


My mom never knows if she's just supposed to read and ponder - or if she can actually use the products.

Thought inducing packaging aside - Philosophy is one of my favorite brands because of wonderfully gentle and effective stuff inside the tubs/tubes/bottles.

And (bonus!) now through 5/20/2010 (one more day!) - you can get 20% off all online orders w/the code: happiness (website here).

Eek!  Now what to buy?

strawberry milkshake shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath

pure grace lotion/soap for the bathroom

my favorite (but $$$) at home peel


  1. Ulta carries some, but not all, Philosophy products, and they always send good coupons in the mail to use at their store. Like %20 off your purchase, or $3 off your $10 purchase. It's a great way to not pay full retail on some of those fancier brands....

  2. I think we should plan an Ulta trip together one day. I was staring in the window of the Ulta at Southcenter this past weekend...lusting....