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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chicken Burgers w/Caramelized Shallots & Blue Cheese

I fully realize the picture above does not do the entire dish justice. 

I can only imagine my hunger and general flustergation (prior to the pic, Lis and I were furiously scraping char off the over broiled-buns) led me to: (1) forget to take a pic w/the other side of the bun, (2) include the delicious artichokes and aioli Ed made as a side, (3) or include the perfectly paired salt & pepper kettle chips I inhaled by the handful.

I also managed to forget take a picture of the salted caramel ice cream the hubby made for dessert (recipe here).

At least the one pic I did manage to snap conveys how utterly delicious and decadent the burger was (recipe here).  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water.

All in all it made for a perfect Sunday afternoon w/friends (yay Lis & Bry!!) - and that's all that really matters.


  1. looks like potato salad on top!

  2. It's basically blue cheese mixed w/mayo