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Monday, May 3, 2010


The marketing folks at Banana Republic really have my number (sigh).

Up until about a month and a half ago, I never really gave BR much thought. 

Every now and then I'd pop in for a pair of work pants or a skirt, and then I'd be content for the next few months until I needed a new work skirt.

Well - then those maniacal BR marketing folks started getting a little loose with their "percent-off" sales.  25% off here, 25% off there, and every now and then a whopping 40% OFF one item (yipee!).

I've become obsessed with all of these "savings" - and they just seem to compound.  I bought a cardigan for 25% off the other day, and the crafty sales lady slipped 4-40% coupons in my bag (to be used on specific days of course).

When I went into BR on Saturday to use my last 40% off coupon, the sales lady casually told me (as she rang up my skirt), "If you were on the fence between 2 items - why don't you go ahead and grab the 2nd and I'll give you 40% off that one as well."  Ahhhhhhhh!

I now have more work clothes/basics than I know what to do with!

Crafty marketing geniuses! 


  1. I don't think you're the only one falling for their crafty marketing. BR seems to be the preferred shopping destination of most of the gals down here....
    When I was a kid in Kennewick going to the big ciy of Seattle and buying a BR logo shirt was the coolest thing ever. They don't even sell logo shirts anymore.

  2. I agree!!! But you know what's even worse? The fact that I UNDERSTAND to get the 40% off i would have to buy 3 outfits for $150, instead of the ONE outfit for $40 that I really need. Which ultimately means I end up spending more than I originally intended to spend, so really there was no savings on my end of the bargain! AAAAHHH...but it's so addicting and I end up falling for it.

    Or it could be the way the sales rep gives you that LOOK when you're at the counter as she offers you the 40% know the look that says "you have got to be an idiot not to accept such a great offer, ALL the REALLY COOL people go for it"-Look...and then it's over and you give in because you want to be a REALLY COOL person! LOL. Shopping...really, it's not good for my emotional well being! ;) Love all the BR stuff - I happen to be a BR fan.