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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ah - Rainy Saturdays

Txori is an old stand by for rainy Saturday afternoons, especially when we can hold out for happy hour at 4PM ($2.50 pintxos and wine around $3.00).  I'm happy to report that when we dropped by there this afternoon, the food was still delicious and I didn't spill another glass of cava in my lap (like last time...sigh).

Pics below...I won't even attempt to butcher the names of the dishes.

Check out txori's website:


  1. Looks like everything there is served on breadcrusts? not that i'm dissing such a thing.
    And what the heck is a pintxos? it is pretentious belltown speak for a beer?
    have an great vacation. i'll be jealous of you all week just thinking about where you are...

  2. I think "pintxos" means small's basically Spanish tapas.
    Ans - yep, everything is pretty much on bread...they have a limited kitchen.

    Thanks and I'll drink a margarita in your honor ;)