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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tennis (how I'll probably detest thee)

If you haven't noticed by now - my favorite weekend activity is eating, closely followed by sitting on the couch and reading books on my Kindle (which, fortunately for you, I don't blog about).

Inspired by our super sporty friends, Lis & Bryan, Ed and decided its time to get our weekend act together and pick up and outdoor activity that will (1) counteract the effects of all that food, (2) get me our of the house (I'd be a hermit if I could), and (3) we can do together.

This activity is: Tennis!

Okay - Lis and Bryan thought of it first, but we're happily jumping on their band wagon and gearing up.

We purchased rackets and a couple of tennis balls @ Play It Again Sports (find locations here), and are ready to rumble!

Now the only question is: what shall I wear? ;)

p.s.  Just a quick aside - Ed, my in house "tennis pro" (I type sarcastically) told me to "Just pick out a racket that feels good."  After purchasing, we stopped off at a restaurant I Googled the make and model of the racket I picked out..and the first description that popped up was, "Perfect racket for a child just learning how to play."  Sigh

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  1. you can't go wrong with basic tennis whites. The all-white look is both classic and snobby. it looks good on the court and at the club house bar.