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Friday, April 16, 2010

The "Lis" Plan - Phase 1 (continued)

Since the hubby was out of town on business yesterday, leaving Tasi (the cat) and I to our own devices, I decided it was once again time to hit up Anthropologie to find more girlie yet innocuous things to add to our household.  (Lis is a genius, if you want to know why - check out this previous blog post).

So far - I've managed to take over our guest bathroom with Anthropologie girliness (well, kinda'), and now I have a couple new additions for our kitchen (woohoo!). 

On the plus - plus side, the items I purchased were on sale.  Yippee!

Mercator Projection Dishtowel (x2)

find them online here

Potter's Choice Coasters

find them here

Oh, one other thing....I didn't want my closet to start feeling like I was ignoring it, so I picked up these shoes too!

you can purchase them here

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