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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's the opposite of Bon Voyage? (Bonjour?)

Yes - I am back from St. Bart's and back to real life (although I'm seriously contemplating making an escape and heading back to the island...I just need to figure out how to fit Tasi into my carry-on...oh, yeah, and tell the hubby).

It was warm, sunny, and beautiful.  The beaches are undeveloped, private, and pristine.  Paradise.

I learned several things about myself while on vacay, these being:

1.  I will never be an eco-adventure tourist.  My idea of a good time is laying on the beach, laying by the pool, napping, and going to bed by 10PM.

2.  If paying a ton of taxes means we can drive on smoothly paved roads wider than 1 3/4 lanes, then tell me where to write the check.  Oh wait...I already did (darn taxes).

The Road to Gustavia*

*our little Suzuki rental car is on the side of the road, it didn't like hills or rain

3.  Sometimes I find it a bit embarrassing that I can only speak one language, especially when I run into 8 yr olds who can already speak two (French, English).  Oh well :)

4.  I'm a bit of a prude when it comes to topless sunbathing (although the French sure aren't)...and seeing bottomless sunbathers makes me a bit immature (sample conversation: me: "Ed, I can see that man's pp. giggle. giggle." Ed: "Calina, you're a grown woman." Calina: "Hey, I'm not the one with my pp hanging out.")

5.  If Ed were game - I'd leave everything behind and move to St. Barts in a heartbeat. (Of course you all could come and visit).

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  1. Let me know when you move. And sign me up as a visitor....