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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Herbed Arugula-Tomato Salad w/Chicken

Can you tell we got our May 2010 Cooking Light in?  Ever since my friend Leigh got me a subscription for my b-day - I've been hooked! (note: before she got me a subscription she would slip me one of her issues every now and then, and even bought be the 2009 year-in-review cookbook! Leigh rocks!)

Last Tuesday I met up with Lis for a drink and a little Sephora shopping after work, so I needed to make something quick and easy for dinner (but isn't everything I make quick and easy?).  This recipe for "Herbed Arugula-Tomato Salad w/Chicken" fit the bill (find it here).

I usually struggle with vinaigrette, but this one required pretty minimal whisking and the herbs added a nice flavor.  The chicken also truly only needed a couple minutes to cook on each side - and turned out perfectly!

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