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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seared Scallops w/Thai Vanilla Citrus Broth

I have mixed feelings about this dish. (recipe here, the chef is Andrea Robinson)

If you are going to have a bunch of foodies over for dinner, this is def. a dish you'd want to serve.  The flavors are extremely complex - its sweet, citrusy, spicy, and salty.  The vanilla bean brings it to an entirely different level.  It also pairs well with wine (we had a Pewsey Vale Riesling).

If you're going to have family over or a casual dinner w/friends, this is not the dish for you.  The dish is too abstract.  The maple vanilla flavor of the broth combined w/the brininess of the scallops and fish sauce will confuse their palates, and the serving size is a bit ridiculous (1 scallop each?  We just ate the entire recipe for 8).

So - if you're a jaded foodie and believe there's no flavor under the sun you've yet to try - this is the dish for you. 

If your idea of a great meal is a steak and baked potato - I'd stay away from this one.

p.s.  you can totally tell the hubby made this one since (1) its complex, (2) there are a ton of ingrediants, (3) it takes more than 30 minutes to make

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