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Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Art (a quickie)

This afternoon (after polling my close friends, a couple co-workers, and the hubby) I pulled the trigger on the lovely painting above - which depicts Michigan Ave in Chicago. (artist Laura Dro, she's actually painting a series of paintings in a similar style to this one - they aren't on her etsy site yet (here) but keep on checking)

The style, color palate, and size (a whopping 30x40...yipee) all appeal to me, and I think it'll make another interesting conversation piece.

Its been fun trying to name the buildings and determine what the objects in the painting are. 

Mo thinks the object in the foreground is a lion, I think its a tree.  Ed thinks it's a burning bush and an object in the background is a mosque (a bit of a religious theme).  Mo did a little research and figured out the mosque is actually a water tower.  My co-worker thinks the watertower is actually a "pp" and the item in the foreground is a fountain.

See - conversation piece. 

I'll post update pics when it comes in.


  1. you are reallly blogging up a storm. i need to catch up with your pace!

    and, i vote for that blob being a sand pit. like the one in return of the jedi. nerd eyes, i know.

  2. I've been blogging up a storm when inspired, and then scheduling posts - totally works for me.

    You better get on it Leigh ;)