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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter!!

The bags are packed, all batteries are charged, and now I'm just counting down the hours until we leave for St. Barts!  Yay!

BTW - Since I'm a bit obsessive, I've pre-written a couple blog posts - and have scheduled them to post on Wednesday and Friday.

I'll post vacation pics next week.

Below you'll see the final packing list (well, minus a pair of sandals I threw in at the last minute).  Before polyvore, I'd sketch out each item and outfit because as I've said - I'm quite obsessive.


  1. sounds like it's gonna be fun! Enjoy, Calina.

  2. wait, haven't you already worn some of these things to work?!

  3. least a top or two...sigh ;)
    oh well - I plan to be in my bikini most of the time.

    Thanks for the well wishes mel :)